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The Higher Ground program combines two effective methods to bring about real change in the lives of Colorado’s at-risk youth. The first component is a weeklong camp held in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  The second component is ongoing support through our mentor program.  By combining these two effective components to create a safe, empowering environment where the kids can push through obstacles, they are able to reach further than they ever thought they could.

Summer Camp

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“There is a connection and a real personal joy for me to see the improvement a child makes when they know that there is someone out there that they can talk to, and rely on to be there, when times get tough.  This is my motivation to make sure that if I can help one kid make better decisions in his life, he can make better choices and have a much brighter future, for the rest of his life.“ – Bob Crews, Volunteer

“I learned that you can do everything you put your mind to.” – Atlay Miranda, Camper