You can now purchase a King Soopers grocery card from Higher Ground Youth Challenge and we receive 5 cents for every dollar you spend at King Soopers.

The grocery card is loaded with $5, which is the amount you give to Higher Ground when you purchase the card from us.

Then, when you shop at King Soopers for groceries and gas, once you are at the check out lane, you first load your card with whatever amount of money you want and pay for that transaction.

Then you can check out your groceries and use your loaded King Soopers card to pay.

Higher Ground then receives 5% from King Soopers from your transaction.  When you spend the amount on the cards, you can add more money at the check out lane, and the clerk in the self-checkout lane can also help you re-load your gift card.

If you have a card – please use it and renew it! King Soopers will donate 5% of your spending to Higher Ground Youth Challenge.

The money goes directly to support our programs at Higher Ground.

You can purchase a card by sending a check for $5 to Higher Ground Youth Challenge, PO Box 101106, Denver, CO 80250 or contact Betsy at